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| Me 

I develop virtual and augmented reality applications in Unity with a focus on multi-person experiences and immersive interaction design.


| Mutli-User Experiments

Ongoing experiments with multi-user interactions on Quest 2.


| Salvo 

Minimalist 3D Missle Command.

Music by Mopodna

Available on Sidequest


| Cubed 

Solve a Rubik's cube from the inside in zero gravity.


Available on Sidequest and itch.io


| Homunculus 

Experiment in text-based immersive storytelling.


| Virtual Strangers 

A shared virtual space for anonymous strangers to draw and converse using Leap Motion hand tracking.

Featured as part of the Toronto International Film Festival and The Verge's "POP" exhibition series


| Hoverboards 

Light-cycle-like game of three-dimensional snake that translates a player's leans into movement of the board itself, mimicking the feel of surfing or snowboarding.

Available on Steam


| 3D Chess 

Experiment in multi-user interactions involving controller-relative two-axis movement and real-time self-scaling.


| Idea Mapping 

Experiment in node-based idea mapping with recursively scaled spaces.


| Surgery Prep 

Experiment in multi-user medical visualization and manipulation developed in conjunction with surgeons at Louisiana's Ochsner Medical Center.


| twin.earth 

Experiment in architectural visualization involving interactions between asymetrically scaled users.


| Games |